Welcome to the Silvergate Sandbox API!

We’re excited to have you be an early adopter of our API and look forward to our shared success as we continuously improve your API experience.

When Silvergate Bank started its Fintech Initiative in 2012, it was largely focused on leveraging Silvergate’s deep compliance knowledge to serve industries that most banks did not understand. For years Silvergate has been one of the few banks in the US to fully understand the needs and regulatory challenges that cryptocurrency companies, blockchain companies, and payments companies face, and Silvergate has been successfully banking a hand-picked group of partners, all while contributing to the growing regulatory trust around these exciting new technologies. Silvergate hasn’t just been another bank looking to profit from the growth in Fintech; it has been a partner and an advocate, embracing emerging ideas around payments, stored value, and the refactoring of the legacy banking model. The team at Silvergate has worked tirelessly to support innovative fintech companies as they bring products to market, and each one of us is invested in your success.

Our Fintech Initiative started as a commitment to our partners to leverage our Compliance and Regulatory expertise. But we know that the vision of what the future of banking will look like is constantly changing; and that this vision will not be owned by legacy players. We know this vision will come from a small group of innovators working out of a garage, in a dorm room, or collaborating over the internet on the other side of the world. Perhaps you’re working on this vision. Rather than dictate you or anyone else what that vision could be or should be, we’d rather get out of your way and see what you can build.

And that’s why we built this API. Silvergate is fully committed to making this the best Bank API possible, and that will happen by listening to you and your needs. Although this is the first iteration, we have an aggressive release cycle and will constantly be iterating on ideas submitted back to us. Best of all, it’s a fully functional extension of the technology and rails the Legacy Banking model is built on. Old meets new. Your innovative ideas built on our Compliance and Regulatory know how. And we’re excited to see what you do with it.


Happy coding,


The Silvergate API Team